Whatever happens, happens for the best…

Once upon a time, a king along with his minister and some soldiers went on a hunt. On the way to the jungle, the king accidentally cut his thumb while taking out his sword. He immediately started shouting and ordered the soldiers to call the doctor. From the other side, his minister came laughing and asked his king to relax and said, ” Whatever happens, happens for the best”. On hearing this, the king got angry and asked him to explain his statement in the context of that situation.

The minister didn’t respond but smiled. On this, the king became so angry that he ordered the soldiers to forget about the doctor and take the minister first and lock him in prison for a whole night and hang him to death the next morning. The soldiers obeyed the king’s orders and took the minister with them. On the other hand, the king went for the hunt all alone by himself. As he was heading towards the forest, he was spotted by a group of Adivasis who captured him immediately and hanged him upside down. After hanging him, all the Adivasis started dancing around him as the king was going to be their next sacrificial. As they were dancing, one of them noticed the king’s bleeding thumb and said that the king could not be sacrificed as he was impure and he should be released. All of them had no choice but to agree and release the king.

After being released, the king started crying, remembering his minister’s words. He just ran as fast as he could to reach his palace. When he arrived there, he saw that the minister was just about to be hanged. He went on his knees and apologized to his minister and ordered the soldiers to release him.

As soon as he was released, the king crying and apologizing, hugged him tightly and narrated him the whole incidence. The minister just smiled and once again quoted what he said before that ”Whatever happens, happens for the best”.

On hearing this again, the king surprisingly asked him how could he say like this after all he was just about to be hanged. The minister this time answered and said that if he had gone along with the king, then the Adivasis would have sacrificed him instead. On hearing his answer, this time the king just smiled.

Moral:- Whatever happens, happens for the best.

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