9 Myths about a Relationship

1. Love is enough in any relationship.

No, Love is not enough for a relationship to go on. Mutual understanding and trust are equally essential in a relationship.

2. Possessiveness and Jealousy are normal.

Being over possessive and jealous just kills the trust and eventually kills the entire relationship.

3. Sharing everything on Social Media is important.

Honestly, the more you keep your relationship private, the better will be your relations. Because not everyone needs to know what you are up to.

4. Your Partner should just understand your Feelings and Emotions.

No one is a mind reader. The more you express what’s in your head, the better will be your bond.

5. Both should have common interests only.

You are lucky if the other person has the same interests, but otherwise, no one should be forced to do what they don’t enjoy. It will only cause stress.

6. Perfect relationships exist.

No relationship is ever perfect. Every relationships goes through its ups and downs, highs and lows.

7. Calls and chats should be the top priority.

The other person might be having difficulty in replying or be busy with something important. That doesn’t mean that they don’t love you anymore. You just need to understand their situation.

8. There should be no Conflict.

No two people are the same and you are bound to have a difference of opinion at some point of time. What matters more is how you resolve it and get back to loving each other.

9. Relationships should be like a Fairy Tale.

Every couple has to face their reality. Career, family, and obstacles in life play a huge role in defining your relationship, and should be balanced right.

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