Desi Youtuber:- Amit Bhadana (Gujjar)

Master bhi kehde ise na padhana, naam hai iska Amit Bhadana.

Amit Bhadana was born on 07 September 1991, in Johripur village, North Delhi, India. In his school life, he was the funniest and most naughty student of his class. After completing his schooling, he took admission in a law college for further studies. During his vacations of the first year, he dubbed a video through his mobile and uploaded it on his Facebook account just for fun. But to his utmost surprise, the video received quite a good response from the audience in terms of both views and comments. So, his friends advised him to work on many more videos like that one.

After that Amit made a Facebook page on which he uploaded a few dubbed videos. Through that channel, his videos got viral and started receiving amazing comments. One of his dubbed video ” Sunny Deol Paaji Goes Desi on Diwali” received over 3 million views. He was receiving great reviews on that video but he was not satisfied with that and he wanted to do something more interesting and new.

Then one of his friends advised him to make vines but he was not comfortable to show his face in videos. But when his friends forced and encouraged him to go for it, he decided to shoot his first vine in which he wanted to look very different from other creators. That was the main reason why he preferred his ‘Gujari’ Language which was a great option for him. When he uploaded his first video he received quite an amazing response. From that day onwards he started creating and uploading more and more videos and then there was no stopping for him.

Soon he became a bit famous in his locality due to his vines. And much like everybody else, his relatives also began to advise him to drop the idea of vines and focus on his Law studies and get settled. At that point of time, Amit was stuck in a dilemma of either choosing STUDIES or follow his PASSION. After being encouraged and motivated a lot by his friends, he chose his passion over everything else and applied all his focus and determination in creating vines but side by side carried on his studies as well. Soon, he also started posting his videos on YouTube. From scripting, directing to acting and editing he managed all work on his own. Within a short span of time, he witnessed a mind-blowing growth of both his Facebook Page and YouTube channel. Sooner than later his each and every video crossed 1 million views. Since Youtube allows monetizing videos, he earned a good amount of money along with fame. Right now he has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube channel.

His dialogues which he writes by himself made him more famous. One of his most famous dialogue is “Tere bhai ne kardi hain Gym shuru, Jisko Chahu usko Lapet du”. In his life all he has earned is respect and fans.

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