Best Leader: sunder pichai (CEO of Google)

A leader take people where they want to go. But a great leader take people where they don’t necessarily want to go, But ought to be.

Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sunder Pichai was born on 12 July 1972, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India In a Tamil family. Around 30 years back from today, his father purchased a landline telephone for there home which was the first interaction of Sunder with technology. He was smart enough as he remembered each and every telephone number when he dialed it once. Sunder was very intelligent as well as a very quiet person. His father never got a chance to rebuke him for studies because he realized his all responsibility himself and did well. He was passionate enough for studies as he used to study even when he was travelling to his school in a rickshaw.

After completing his schooling he easily got admission in IIT Kharagpur with the help of his hard work. There he met a girl ‘Anjali’ and fell in love with her but he never told anyone and finally, in the final year of his engineering he proposed her, and Anjali also accepted his proposal. After IIT Pichai went to Stanford to complete his masters. His father spent all of his family savings in flight and all miscellaneous expenses. When he was in Stanford he rarely got a chance to talk with Anjali. At that time telecommunication was not much developed in India and that’s why an international call was very expensive. Only for this reason they didn’t get a chance to be touch with each other till 6 months.

After completing his masters he joined ‘Applied Material Company’ and went back to India and then got married to Anjali and then they both settled in the U.S. On 1 April 2004 Sunder went for a walking interview in Google. On that day Google had launched its first testing version of Gmail. When the interviewer asked him about his thoughts regarding Gmail, he had nothing to say as he took it as a prank. But when another interviewer gave him chance to take a trial he openly represented his views which were quite impressive. And on that day a future CEO was appointed. In starting Sunder’s job was related to Google Toolbar and Google Search Engine. At that time Google search Toolbar was a default option in Internet Explorer and FireFox. Sunder got under limelight when he argued that ‘One day Microsoft will develop its own Search Engine with Internet Explorer as a default option and get Google-Search Engine permanently out of it.’ Sunder suggested a simple solution to develop their own Web Browser, but
Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google 2001-2015) was not completely convinced with that idea but still, Sunder Convinced him and other team members for Chrome project(2006).

On 18 October, 2006 Microsoft secretly launched its own search engine. It caused Google a loss of billions of dollars. Google was very lucky that Sunder had already made the prediction for these circumstances. Under 24 hours with the help of his team, Sunder found a loophole in Internet Explorer. Through this tactic, Google retained their 60% of users back. This incident helped Sunder in achieving the post of Senior Vice President. Soon after that Google launched its own web browser (Chrome). In 2014 Larry Page made sunder overall head of all products of Google. Now Google Android has the largest number of share in the operating system on personal phones. The reason behind the success of Google is its new innovation (Chrome Browser, Chrome OS, Chrome Cast Device, Google Plus, Google Pixel, and much more…). The person who is responsible for these innovation and leading the team has now got the opportunity to sit on the driver seat of the company.

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