God of Tamil: Rajinikanth

Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1950 in a Maratha family in Bangalore, Mysore state (Present day Karnataka). His father Ranoji Rao Gaekwad, was a police constable. Rajinikanth’s real name is ‘Shivaji Gaekwad’. When he was 6 years old his father got retired and his family shifted to Hanumantha Nagar, Bangalore. In his childhood, he loved football, cricket, and basketball very much.

At the age of 9, he lost his mother. As he was the younger of all his brothers so, his elder brothers sent him to ‘Rama Krishna Mission-Math’ through which he started doing theatre also. There he played a role of Eklavya’s friend in Mahabharat, from which he realised that he is only born for acting. Luckily Karnataka’s famous poet D.R Bendre saw his act and give many complements to him.

After completing his schooling, he started doing small jobs like car painter, hawking and conductor in Bangalore Transport services due to poor financial condition. When he was a conductor, his regular passengers and his friend Raj Bahadur who worked with him as a driver of the bus in which he was a conductor, loved him and knew about his passion for acting. Raj Bahadur support him a lot and give his all savings to Rajinikanth to follow his passion.

With the help of Raj Bahadur’s savings Rajinikanth took admission in ‘Madras Films Institute’ and started his struggle of acting through theatre. By all this, one day luckily a famous Tamil movie director Balachander saw his performance. Balachandra loved Rajinikanth acting and told him to learn Tamil language.

With the help of his hard work and guidance of Balachandra, he made his first debut in ‘’Apoorva Raagangal’’ movie in 1975. This movie was not to good, but his 2nd movie ‘’Srividya’’ won 3 national awards. Then a famous newspaper ‘Hindu’ wrote ‘’Newcomer Rajinikanth is dignified and impressive’’. It was really a very big thing for Rajinikanth. This was only the beginning of his acting career. After this, he worked for many movies and became King of Billions of Hearts.

Everything was going smooth, but in 1999 he decided to take a break from Tamil movies. With a huge fan following he came back after 3 years with a movie ‘Baba’ in 2002, which was a big FLOP. After this, a newspaper posted “The gold does not Glitter anymore” and by this everyone started ignoring him.

For this reason, he took a long break from movies and came back in 2005 with a movie ‘’Chandra Mukhi’’ which was a big hit and in 2007 with a movie ‘’Shivaji the Boss’’. After these two big hits, he once again became the King of Tamil movies, and added a permanent tag of ‘Superstar’ with him.

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