21’s Danveer Karan and India’s Bill Gates: Azim Premji

If god has given us wealth then we must think about others.

Azim Premji was born on 24 July 1945, Mumbai, India. His father ‘Mh. Hashim Premji’ was a businessman and owned a shop of cooking oil and soap. In 1945 when Azim Premji was born, his father set up his own production company ”Western India Vegetable Products Ltd”. When Azim Premji was 2 years old our country got Independence. With the happiness of Independence, there was also the grief of partition between India and Pakistan. And it started Hindu- Muslim conflicts. Many Muslim families left their land and went to Pakistan. As Azim Premji also belongs to Muslim family, one of the founders of Pakistan ‘Mh. Ali Jinnah’ sent an invitation to Azim Premji’s father to settle in Pakistan, and their close relative also advised him to settle in Pakistan with there religion, but Mh. Hashim Premji decided not to leave their homeland ‘India’.

After completing his schooling, Azim Premji’s father Mh. Hashim Premji wanted to send Azim Premji to America for further studies. That’s why he took admission in Stanford University in America. At that time in America, use of compuers was developing at a very fast pace, but in India it was an unknown device for every one. With a dream of bright future he started training him self. But in 1966, his father Mh. Hashim Premji died for which he left his studies in middle and came back to India.

He controlled his father’s business and started planning for its growth. Within a very little time, he expanded his business with Toiletries, Haircare soaps, Baby toiletries, Light products, and Hydraulic cylinders products. And in 1977, he changed his company’s name to ‘Wipro Products Ltd”. at that time India was very backward in the IT sector. America return Azim Premji was observing a great growth of India in the IT sector but, there needed to be a proper way for the development. Then in 1980 he again changed his company’s name to ”Wipro Ltd” and combined with Sentinel Computer Corporation of America and started manufacturing minicomputers. Sooner than later as time passed ”Wipro” became India’s biggest company. Only for this reason during 1999-2005 Azim Premji was India’s richest person. Along with money he also earned a lot of respect as he was the best boss ever for his company’s employees and the best man for common people.

In 2001, he set up his own foundation ”Azim Premji Foundation” with a motive to help poor people. In 2010 world’s 2nd most richest person ‘Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’ started an action to encourage rich people to donate some amount of their wealth for needy people with a name ”The Giving Pledge” and Azim Premji was the first Indian who become the member to sign up for this action. Then in 2013 he donated 25% of his total earnings. And now he is the India’s #3 and world’s #72 most richest person.

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